Conquer springtime sniffles without the ‘med head’

Are you tired of the sniffling and sneezing?  The itchy, watery eyes?  If you’re looking for a natural alternative to conventional allergy medications (which have recently been linked to weight gain, according to Dr. Oz), check out some of great options listed below:

Quercetin – Widely touted for its antioxidant properties, quercetin is also a natural antihistamine and has not been shown to cause weight gain.

Nettles – A great choice for allergy sufferers with itchy, runny noses.

Homeopathics – A side-effect free option customized to your symptoms.  Safe for children, those with chronic conditions, and more.

Neti Pot – A staff favorite!  Make sure to use distilled water for safety.

A final word on honey: Many naturopaths tout the benefits of honey for springtime allergies.  This is partially true.  Most of the honey sold in the United States isn’t actually ‘honey’ because it contains none of the original pollen that provides symptom relief.  If you’re interested in trying honey make sure to buy local honey, cut-comb if available, and do NOT administer to small children.

Drop in to the Earth Zone today to learn more about these products and all our natural allergy management options!


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3 Responses to Conquer springtime sniffles without the ‘med head’

  1. I used Bee Pollen from a local source as a teen. I used to have really bad allergies, but after two years of taking bee pollen, I haven’t had spring sniffles since! 22 years and counting, the stuff really works, but local source is what makes the difference!

  2. Earth Zone says:

    Do you happen to know of any local beekeepers?

    • Allegheny Mountain Beekeeper’s Association meets the 2nd Friday every month. They meet at the Library in Lavale, MD. There you will surely find a good source for local honey in your area.

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