Dairy-free Calcium

It seems that more and more people are avoiding dairy products in their diet for various reasons.  Whether you’re allergic to milk products or abstain for ethical reasons, it’s easier than you might think to maintain adequate levels of calcium with whole foods and supplementation.

Interestingly, dairy products are actually a poorly absorbable source of calcium because the acidic pH of milk damages the bioavailability of the calcium.  Some of the best sources of calcium are dark green veggies such as kale and broccoli, as they contain vitamin C in addition to the calcium.  Watch out for chard and spinach, as they contain high enough levels of oxalic acid to interfere with absorption.  Blackstrap molasses can be added to baked goods or homemade barbeque sauce for enhanced nutrition, as well.  Sesame tahini also contains significant quantities of calcium and tastes great in homemade salad dressings and hummus.

Here’s a chart that is great for reference.  It contains a detailed list of calcium-rich foods and a sample meal plan for dairy-free calcium to use in addition to a dietary supplement.

If you have a hard time eating greens every day – and who doesn’t! – drop into the ‘Zone.  We stock multiple brands of allergen-free Calcium, Calcium Magnesium, and Calcium + Vitamin D.  Formulations geared toward women, children, people over 50, and vegans are available.



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