Ask the Herbalist, Vol. 1

Wow guys!  Four questions in our first week.  Way to go!!!  This post is the first in our new series, ‘Ask the Herbalist’, and deals with a common concern regarding homeopathics.  Don’t forget to contact us to submit YOUR question.

Q: I’m lactose intolerant, but am very interested in homeopathics.  Does Earth Zone offer any dairy-free homeopathics?  Thanks!

A:  Great question!  The short answer is, yes we do.  The slightly longer answer is that we carry several brands of lactose-free homeopathics and can special order additional products on request.  Hyland’s Homepathics offers several remedies in an alcohol-based liquid tincture.  Washington Homeopathics will custom blend remedies when sugar tablets or liquids (alcohol or vegetable glycerin base) are not available.  ALL of Humphrey’s Homeopathicsare in a sugar pellet that is completely dairy-free.  Thank YOU for asking!

homeopathic remedy lactose free

sugar pellet formulation homeopathics


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