Vitamin D – Hype or Science?

The mainstream media has been abuzz in recent months with reports recommending higher daily intake of Vitamin D.  The evidence continues to mount that we are not getting sufficient levels from our diet and lifestyle.

For example, a new study from the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that insufficient amounts of Vitamin D may be linked to depression and stroke.

Research from the University of Michigan has also linked low Vitamin D levels to early menstruation, which can cause a variety of health issues later in life.

The good news is, Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that our bodies are able to store away excess quantities for a period of time.  (Conversely, fat soluble vitamins are also at a higher risk for toxicity, so don’t overdo it.)  Earth Zone carries a wide variety of Vitamin D supplements including the highly absorbable D3 and vegetarian-approved vitamin D2.

If you prefer, you can also get Vitamin D from sunlight or UV exposure in a tanning bed.  For most people, outdoor exposure of 30 minutes without sunscreen 3 times per week provides sufficient exposure.  If you’re a working guy or gal who only sees the sun from your office window, drop into the Earth Zone for a quick tan in one of our state of the art tanning beds a few times per week after work.

sunshine vitamin d


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