Cleansing 101: Part 2 of 2

Sorry to keep you hanging, folks!  This crazy heat has been causing power outages (and loss of internet connectivity).  Without further ado, here’s the second part of your 48 hour kickstart cleanse:

(Aim for once per day, but even if you only get one of each in over the course of 48 hours, that’s awesome!)

Body wrap: Drop into the ‘Zone for a little ‘YOU’ time, or try a DIY wrap.  This tutorial is a great guideline for beginners, but we recommend starting with a dry brush (using a natural bristle brush, brush in long strokes toward the heart) and adding bentonite clay to the mix for optimal detoxification.  (Yeah, by the time you buy aloe, clay, a dry brush, ace bandages, and fasteners, it’s cheaper to have it done professionally.  Plus we have a sauna!)  Body wraps are crucial in detoxification and feel absolutely divine when done properly.

Exercise: Aim for 30-45 minutes of gentle to moderate exercise per day.  To quote the lovely Kris Carr, “sweat=glow”.  If you’re not already in an exercise routine, ease into it!  Take a morning stroll with a good friend or check out some beginner yoga videos on YouTube.  Remember to stay hydrated!  Which brings me to my next recommendation…

Drink!: No, we’re not talking jello shots here, sister.  Your body is comprised of over 50% water.  You need it to live.  You need more to thrive.  We talked in the earlier post about the importance of body alkalinity, which is why we recommend Fiji brand h2O.  (Sadly, they don’t pay us to say that.)  How often do you really drink those 64 ounces that everyone suggests?  No, tea doesn’t count.  Neither does juice (which, unless it’s lemon or freshly juiced greens, isn’t welcome during this 48 hours anyway).  If you’re working up a sweat, whether it’s exercising or chilling in the sauna, plan to add another glass or two to your daily quota.

Eat like you mean it:  Everyone knows that sugar is bad for you.  Most people know that white carbs are bad for you.  Some people know that juice – even 100% juice – is bad for you, unless you juice it at home (yay, happy living foods!)  What fewer people realize is the effect that animal products have on your body.  Now that we’ve studied up on the importance of maintaining an alkaline environment in our body, we know that we should avoid acidic foods.  (Right, right?  You guys still with me?)  Check out this handy dandy reference chart for more information.   A certain blogwriter has big plans to publish a cookbook featuring foods designed for this cleanse, and as such won’t be posting recipes publicly; however, if you email her and ask nicely, she just might email you the PDF file with a few dozen recipes she’s gathered.  🙂  If you ask really, really nicely, she might even let you sample some cleanse-friendly foods.

Emotional cleansing is quite possibly more important than the physical detox.  Spend at least 15 minutes per day doing something that you find calming.  Prayer, meditation, writing, juggling ping pong balls, whatever.  Just find some way to reach within yourself and grasp your inner peace.  Create a shrine with things that you love, spend time with fellow Believers that isn’t a Sunday morning, or write in a journal.  Emotional pain can have very real physical manifestations – ask any yogi.  (Interesting side note: men tend to carry tension in their necks and shoulders; women in their hips and lower back.  Keep that in mind when you ask your sweetheart for a massage.)

Okay folks, that’s it!  Get out there and live.  Be sure to let us know what you think and how you’re feeling.

In summary:

Be kind. Be patient. Be gentle. Be supportive.  Be forgiving.

Please note:  Our lawyer friends (no, that’s not an oxymoron!) tell us that we have to include this on any post regarding supplements / healthcare… The preceding information is merely an opinion and not a substitute for medical advice.  Always check with your physician before beginning any weight loss or cleansing program. Information about dietary supplements is not evaluated by the FDA.


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