Cleansing 101: Part 1 of 2

This insane heat is enough to make anyone feel ‘blah’, but when you combine body toxicity with 100 degree temps, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Why not take some time for yourself this weekend and try out a gentle cleanse?  You’ll start the week refreshed, rejuvenated, and maybe a few pounds lighter.

Please note that the following is merely an opinion and not a substitute for medical advice.  Always check with your physican before beginning any weight loss or cleansing program. Information about dietary supplements is not evaluated by our buddies at the FDA.

Happy cleansing!

48-Hour Whole Body Kickstart

Intro: If you’ve never done a cleanse before, this is a good way to start.  Gentle enough to avoid a major healing crisis, but thorough enough to feel results in two days.


High-alkalinity drinking water (Fiji recommended)

Organic green tea

Organic lemons

Organic seasonal berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc)

Organic dark green veggies (broccoli, kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, etc)

Fresh gingerroot

Sea salt or Epsom salts


Multivitamin/mineral complex (NOW brand makes several affordable supplements)

Omega 3 fatty acid supplement (flax preferred, during a cleanse the mercury from fish-based oils can be detrimental)

Milk Thistle Extract (also called silymarin)

Calcium/Magnesium + D (for women)

(remember: supplements are buy one, get one half off at Earth Zone every day)


1) Plan your cleanse during a weekend or other time when you will be able to dedicate 48 hours to self-pampering.  You will need to get plenty of sleep and exercise during this time.  Also, eating more fibrous foods may make you desire to stay relatively close to your own bathroom.  🙂

2) Since this is a cleanse, there are certain things that should be avoided – hey, it’s only 2 days!  Say ‘no’ to: alcohol, cigarettes (try an e-cig if you don’t want to go cold turkey), drugs (except for Rx drugs), refined carbohydrates (such as sugar, white flour, and pasta), gluten, and animal products (which create high levels of acidity in the body).

3) Emotional cleansing is just as important as physical cleansing.  Translation: if you goof, don’t beat yourself up.  Cleansing is about being kind to yourself.  Be happy, be whole.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of 2.

Love this program?  Check out Kris Carr’s 21 Day Adventure Cleanse, as featured in her book, Crazy Sexy Diet, for a more rigorous cleanse.


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